1. oh. hi tumblr.

  2. I am going to be taking the photos of the @CreativeMornings / Cincinnati talks. Here are a few from the first event on Friday. The whole set can be viewed here.

  3. Inspired by recent rad shots from @pketron and @dirka

  4. "Adjusting"

  5. So, I had a fairly eventful weekend…

  6. #Cincinnati

  7. The Singing #Bridge (at John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge)

  8. Better off empty.

  9. Doomsday Eve brings snow, gusty winds, and power outages. Nice feeling.

  10. Dead End.

  11. Spent lunchtime walking the super unnecessary/slowly dying skywalk system downtown. 

  12. Forgot I had these shots from last winter high above Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.

  13. Little more fog tonight.. 

  14. And then there was fog..

  15. Welcome to Cincinnati @karlthefog ! If you need a place to crash while you’re here let me know.